Self-Adhesive Power Strip Holder

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  • Wire winding function: Our power strip holder has the wire winding function which means you can wind the extra wire of the patch panel around the holder, which greatly saves space and makes our living environment clean and tidy.
  • High adhesion and bearing capacity: The gum design makes power strip holder have stronger adhesive, which makes the product sturdy and durable. In addition, the strong bearing capacity allows you to hang other things except power strips.
  • Detachable design: Plug-in push and pull design, which makes the power strip holder more easy to install and remove. Therefore, you can use this power strip holder at anytime and anywhere whether it is installed horizontally or vertically.
  • Multiple usage: The product is not only suitable for power strips, it can also be used to hang all types of wall-mounted devices, such as wireless router, toilet paper box, remote control.
  • Enough quantity: You will receive 4 pieces of power strip holders, which can satisfy your diverse daily needs and replacements if you have to use power strips in each room or office.

1. New wire winding function
2. Sturdy and durable
3. Convenient detachable design
4. Simple to install
5. Perfect tools for house to keep clean and tidy

Warm tips:
Make sure that you have a good clean surface before pasting, please keep it away from fire and high temperature, keep out of reach of children.

Material: ABS
Dimensions: 5.3"x2.2"x1"

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