1. The sold product can be refunded or replaced from ( one of parts of ” Can Shop Company For Public Trade “) within 14 days as of purchasing date and in case of existing one of the followings terms:
  2.  The product is containing a manufacture fault which can’t be fixed without taking in consideration the product quality or not original or doesn’t match with the certain requirements on1-
  3. The product is still with its carboard box and with same condition as it was during the purchase equipped with all its accessories.1- 
  4.  The product is in good condition to show ( except case ‘a’ is existed )
  5.  Food products ( except the case of its expiration during giving it back) and also Personal products (for example, and not as a limitation, hair removal and shaving machines, swimming suits, under wears, magazines, cleaning products, tooth brushes and hair dryer ..etc ) not qualified to be refundable or replaceable.
  6. The refund operation will be with same way of purchasing.
  7. No deduction will be applied for any refundable product.
  8. The refund operation will be valid within 10 days after the management approval.
  9. It’s allowable for replacing the purchased product within 14 days as of purchasing date in case of the product hasn’t been used and with the same condition while purchasing and we will give you a coupon with same value for replacing.
  1. In case of validation of all terms and conditions, we’ll send our representative to get the product after receiving a calling from you within 48 hours.
  2. In case we didn’t receive any call within 48 hours, the customer should submit the product to any of our accredited service branches at Canshop located in the following address:-
  3. Hawally – Block 4 – street 129 – Ali Yousef Ali Elmatrook Complex – Office No. 7
  4. The refund and replacement proposal will be submitted within 10 days as of proposal receiving date.
  • Warranty is valid for all products has been determinate its warranty duration in product’s page on
  • For using the warranty , an original invoice should be submitted to maintenance centre.
  • Warranty doesn’t include the breakdown due to bad usage or bad installing or in case of broken shape or in case of missing the direct current or getting wet or any fixing process been occurred through a strange workshop.
  • In case if you’re not satisfying of any of our maintenance centers, kindly ask for the of your product warranty and contact with customer service department and we’ll be totally submit care of you to do our best.
  1. We’re offering this service in Kuwait through our company’s fleet and we’re looking forward to use some specialized company for delivering these orders.
  2. The way of delivery operation will be as you requested. We’re offering to ways of delivery which are the prompt delivery within 4 hours and the other one is as client requested time.
  3. In case of product arrival, an electronic signature will be requested from you or signing on the invoice copy and the said signature will be consider as a confirmation of receiving.
  4. In case of misleading and giving us incorrect address, the person located at the said address would be the receiver and we’re considering him as an official receiver in case of getting his signature.
  5. Kindly contact us for determine another date for delivering within a month in case of didn’t receive your product. Otherwise our company is not responsible for any undelivered product.

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