Portable Mini Neckband Fan with Three Speeds

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3.900 K.D

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Product capacity: battery life 1800 mAh Product color: green white orange Material: Acrylonitrile (A), Butadiene (B), Styrene (S) injection Use time: 6 hours Charging time: 3 hours feature: 1. Hanging neck design, light motor; 2. Fashionable good things around the neck: hanging neck design + advantages, freehand drawing; 3. Moderate grid gap prevents fingers from entering 4. Lightweight and portable, low noise and energy saving 5. Three-speed wind, switch at will Product Details: Bare metal + packaging + wiring + manual + certificate Product Numbers: DQ203 Product color: white/green/pink Product size (MM): 83*123*43 Color box size (MM): 88*45*150 Product weight (bare metal): 135g Product weight (including packaging): 190g

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